Pablo Montesinos visita Málaga

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP describes the measures to revive tourism that the GPP has presented in the Reconstruction Commission

It demands a reduced VAT for the tourism sector and, if necessary, extend the ERTE until the end of the first quarter of 2021.

It is committed to a reduction in airport charges of 25% "in the current year and for the next year".

It advocates a liquidity mechanism in the ICO for tourist companies and the elimination of the taxes imposed on overnight stays.

He points out that the initiatives have been presented through an amendment that will have to be voted on in Congress and therefore "all political forces will have to be photographed."

It asks the Government to “listen more to the Popular Party and less to Alberto Garzón; to listen more to the moderation and good sense of the tourism sector and less to the radicalism and sectarianism "of the Minister of Consumer Affairs.

It requires the Executive to take into account the economic reactivation plan that Pablo Casado has presented in the Cortes that contemplates the expansion of the ERTE, liquidity mechanisms for the self-employed and SMEs, and a lowering of taxes.

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