The Deputy Secretary of Communication states that Torra has to pack up and leave, and if he doesn't, Sanchez has to force him to leave office. "That is the only conversation Sanchez has to have with Torra," he reiterates.

He denounces that without having yet held the first Council of Ministers, “we are already in the Government of chaos” and announces that the PP will control the public money that will mean so much waste.

He insists that "the decision of the courts confirms that the rule of law prevails in Spain."

Announces that the PP does not rule out going to court in defense of freedom of education, which is already threatening "the Sánchez-Iglesias tandem."

Montesinos emphasizes that the PP defends public and concerted education, because both are compatible, and has demanded that the Government guarantee the freedom of choice of educational center, included in the Spanish Constitution.

"The PP will be in the defense of the general interest and freedom," he emphasizes, before the attempted attack that PSOE and Podemos are already carrying out against concerted education.

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