Pablo Montesinos en rueda de prensa desde Málaga

The PP Deputy Secretary of Communication believes that Sánchez should listen more to Felipe González, strengthen the institutions and less to Iglesias, giving in to independence

Announces a parliamentary offensive in Congress to demand answers from Sánchez about "why the Government has not allowed the King to be with the judges in Catalonia, precisely with those who have suffered enormous pressure from the independence movement just for doing their job"

It considers it "unacceptable" that Sánchez "dodges" the control of the Government in Parliament to go to Brussels "to a Council that has not existed", when they have not even been able to request European aid for tourism, when our economy goes into recession

He calls on the territorial leaders of the PSOE to say if they agree with the negotiation of the PGE with Bildu and with the pardons for the pro-independence politicians in prison, warning them that their silence makes them participate in everything Sánchez does

It announces that if these pardons are produced, the PP will appeal them to the Supreme Court, "because we do defend the interests of the Spanish"

He reaffirms the opposition role of the PP, in the face of a government that wants us to say yes to everything, since if we do not do so, it marks us as disloyal: “The PP is the one who is proposing an alternative to the Government of Sánchez, the Government of the lie"

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