Pablo Montesinos en rueda de prensa desde Málaga

He calls on the second vice president to cease his attacks on the institutions, the media, to show his face after the accusation of the leaders of United We Can, and raises his demand to Sánchez because "with his silence" he is endorsing the scandals that they corner Iglesias

He points to Sánchez as the sole person responsible for Iglesias remaining vice president and Podemos continuing in the Government: "What does Sánchez think of the alleged illegal financing of a party that is in his Government?"

Criticizes "the disappearance" of the president of the Executive and his policy of sit-down arms in the midst of the crisis: "He acts as if this very serious crisis was not with him"

He warns that "the obvious abandonment of functions" by Sánchez leads "many Spaniards today wondering where the Government is" while new infections increase, the economic consequences of the crisis grow and "the OECD warns that our economy is lagging behind the rest of the EU economies "

The PP Deputy Secretary for Communication emphasizes that today the main problem in Spain is its Government: "It has been unable to manage the pandemic and is being unable to manage the economic crisis"

It affirms that "Spaniards deserve a government that reacts, takes us out of the crisis and tells the truth, and not a government that systematically looks the other way and systematically lies to citizens"

It vindicates the legal, economic and health Plan proposed by Pablo Casado in the face of the outbreaks and regrets that Sánchez's response to "the outstretched hand" of the PP leader to reactivate Spain is "to keep looking the other way"

He asks Sánchez for explanations because "no government position has yet assumed political responsibilities for the ghost committee of experts, nor for the masks, gloves and PPE that never arrived or were defective or for hiding the real number of deaths from Coronavirus"

It advances that the PP has presented an initiative in Congress to promote a national working group in order to know the real number of deaths from COVID19, "because Spaniards deserve to know how many compatriots have died" • Announces that the PP has initiated contacts with other formations in defense of municipalism and the savings of the neighbors, and calls on the mayors of the PSOE to join the PP and to say in public what they already say in private against the confiscation of the 15,000 million to the municipalities

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