Pablo Montesinos participa en la Escuela de Verano del PP de Málaga

The deputy secretary of Communication of the PP assures that Pablo Casado attended the meeting with Sánchez "with his homework done", with ten points of agreements and proposals that the Government was not interested in, just to be able to launch the slogan that the PP blocks and tensions

  • It highlights that Sánchez did not contribute a single paper, in a meeting that Casado had well prepared and in which he explained his measures, with the proposals of a National Health Pact, an Economic Reconstruction Agency and an Economic Development Shock Plan , among other
  • He assures that the PP cannot give its support to some "phantom budgets" that do not exist, of which we have not been informed, much less with a Government that has members who want to end the Constitution, as Vice President Pablo Iglesias claims, "Attacking the judges, the Monarchy and the State"
  • Remember that the Government "is given the numbers" if what it wants is to carry out General State Budgets, but the PP is not going to negotiate accounts that it does not know with a party that has economic principles incompatible with ours.
  • He affirms that, if he really wants to, "Pedro Sánchez can press the red button today to dismiss Iglesias from the Council of Ministers, something that he should have already done with the scandals that surround him"
  • It highlights that the PP defends the constitutional order and the Head of State in King Felipe, something that a government does not do that should be one, and not "one gibberish in which the Crown is attacked ”. He emphasizes that attacking the Monarchy is attacking the Constitution and democracy
  • He believes it is "fundamental" to talk about a Cajal Pact for Health, to extend the ERTES until the end of the year or until the first quarter of 2021, to fight against illegal occupation, that is, to delve into reforms and necessary measures "beyond the mantras from Moncloa "
  • It concludes that the PP has made it clear that it is the alternative: we are a firm and responsible opposition, the one that stands up to the Government of propaganda, lies and inefficiency.

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