Holders of their statements before the media:

  • Montesinos warns Sanchez that the "devastating sentence of the ERE" will haunt him "wherever he goes." "You will not be able to escape from that sentence," he emphasizes after denouncing his "intolerable silence." "From the PP we will not accept double measuring rods."
  • “What would we be saying if the leader of another political party had not turned his face for so many days before a sentence like that of the ERE? What would be being said in Spain? ”He asks.
  • He emphasizes that the PP will not favor the investiture of Sanchez because the PSOE has already chosen “the radical way, the one that weaves a sanitary cordon against the PP”.
  • He assures that the acting president's word "is absolutely worthless", because "everything he said he would not do is doing these days," he said after denouncing that the PSOE, with its endorsement, is negotiating with Bildu and ERC.
  • He criticizes that Sánchez remains “hidden”, while “crossing all the red lines in order to remain in La Moncloa”. "Try to cover with your silence what all Spaniards know and that is willing to do everything in order to continue governing."
  • “Solemnized that it would not allow governance to depend on those who want to break Spain,” recalls Montesinos, who criticizes Sánchez negotiating with them “without light or stenographers” while the PSOE talks about political conflict.
  • Stresses that the PP will exercise the opposition as a containment dam before the Sanchez roadmap, which constitutes "the worst for Spain" and is "bad for the Spanish."
  • He regrets that neither Sánchez nor any leader of the PSOE nor territorial baron has answered the PP's question about whether he is willing to sell Spain in order to continue in La Moncloa. "Who is silent gives," he emphasizes.

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