It emphasizes that the Popular Party is focused on explaining what the project is for Spain, redirecting the country's direction again and focusing on the real problems of citizens. "In that message is the entire Popular Party," he says.

  • On the announcement of Errejón to attend the general elections, he affirms that “the left is in its internal messes and we have nothing to comment on”.
  • He reiterates that the left and Pedro Sánchez are synonymous with political blockade and the PP, unlocking, as it has shown in Andalusia, Murcia or Madrid. "We come to serve the Spaniards and we will win the elections," he says.
  • Call to agglutinate the vote in the Popular Party, "the common house of the center right" and remember that the PP is a great party, transversal and with an integrating project "in which we all fit", even those socialists unhappy with Pedro's policies Sanchez
  • “If the PP has demonstrated anything, it is that it knows how to dialogue and negotiate in defense of the common interest” and this is demonstrated by the “generous” offer of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to resign to lead the list for Barcelona in favor of Inés Arrimadas.

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