Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He announces that the PP will resort to the Constitutional Court to freeze pensions and states that the PP will not allow Sánchez to “use pensioners as hostages in his negotiation to continue in the Moncloa”.
  • It denounces the silence of the Government regarding the situation in Bolivia and demands “urgent explanations”. Wondering where Sanchez is? And bald? And Robles? and considers that "the government seems knocked out and focused exclusively on its negotiation with the independentists."
  • He regrets the end of the year without convening the meeting of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council, as Montero had committed. For this reason, he asks the Government for “the urgent celebration” and to stop “threatening and attacking Autonomous Communities such as the Andalusian” which is “systematically attacked by the government”.
  • He affirms that "Sánchez is hiding the Moncloa" and that "the Spaniards begin to be very clear that they are capable of crossing any red line".
  • He denounces that Sánchez's negotiation with the independentists "is the most opaque one remembered in Spain" and laments "the complicit silence of all the territorial barons of the PSOE".

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