Montesinos sympathizes with the journalists who said yesterday during the appearance of Pedro Sánchez, "enough", since they could only ask two questions that, in addition, Sánchez did not answer

  • He describes as "intolerable" that Sanchez summons Pablo Casado to a meeting "when he hasn't called him yet". Montesinos formally calls Sanchez to pick up the phone and call Casado
  • The position of the PP is very clear: "we will not facilitate the investiture of Sanchez because we can not be next to those who want to break Spain"
  • “The Popular Party will exercise a firm opposition to Sánchez,” says Montesinos, while recalling that “Sánchez has already chosen who he wants to agree with, with the separatists”
  • “The PP offers state pacts to Sánchez and Sánchez has given us a bang,” he says
  • "The mess has to be solved by Sánchez because he is the plug, the lord of the political blockade," he says.
  • In his opinion, "it would be irresponsible to return to third elections" and insists that "the problem is called Sánchez"
  • "If this investiture does not come out, Sanchez has to be put aside," he concludes

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