"We demand that Sanchez put light and stenographers to his negotiations with the independentistas" and "explain what are the red lines that he is willing to cross in order to continue in La Moncloa, even agreeing with the separatists

Today the Spaniards do not know that they are willing to give in and that is a humiliation for Spain and shameful for the PSOE. ”

"The Spaniards do not deserve a president of the Government that is hidden in La Moncloa."

He affirms that Sanchez participated yesterday in a "paripé" of consultation to his bases. "He participates but does not speak or admit questions from journalists."

He wonders why the socialist territorial barons are not heard and accuses them of being as quiet as Sanchez. "With their silence they are endorsing the negotiation."

He says that "Sánchez has chosen the radical path and the sanitary cordon against the PP, which goes against the Spaniards." To this day he has not yet called Pablo Casado, leader of the opposition, although he has publicly committed to do so.

He regrets that after hearing the ruling of the ERE, "the most important and most serious case of corruption in the history of Spain, Sánchez has not had the dignity to appear before the media and to face all Spaniards."

He considers that the Spaniards deserve that the person in charge of the PSOE face his face before “a case of corruption that directly affects the PSOE” and remembers that in that government of the ERE was Susana Díaz, and the flat ministers, Montero and Calvo.

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