Holders of their statements before the media:

  • He warns that the letter that Sanchez has sent to his militants to ask for support for the agreement with United We, does not make any reference to the separatist threat, nor to territorial cohesion. "And he doesn't do it because he is courting ERC and wants to include the separatists in that agreement he already has with United We can," he says.
  • Remember that when the debate was held at five, Pablo Casado asked him several times if he was going to agree with the independentistas and Sánchez looked down and read his papers. "That is why the Spaniards already knew it and confirms it today in that letter that they do not even know what their position will be for the separatist challenge," he says.
  • Faced with this scenario that Sánchez has chosen, the PP will be in front, with a firm, coherent and sense of state position. "A responsible opposition that will lead us to act as a containment dam before the excesses of Sánchez and his partners," he adds.
  • He considers that “the attack on educational freedom is the best example of what may be to come, of the radicalism of Sánchez and his partners. Mr. Sánchez has already chosen, he has chosen radicalism, the most harmful way for the general interests and interests of all Spaniards. ”
  • Announces that the autonomous communities governed by the PP will defend, without ambiguity, educational freedom, we will strongly defend the unity of Spain and we will defend, without hesitation, the economic recipes that we consider to be good for Spaniards.
  • “The PP is not going to change course, its regional governments will not do it. We are going to standardize the lowering of taxes, to reduce bureaucratic obstacles and to take institutional stability, where Sanchez poses a risk ”.

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