La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat, atiende a los medios desde Tarragona

· The spokeswoman in the European Parliament criticizes that the pardons are being processed "of those who have been convicted of attempting against the State", as well as the reform of the crime of sedition or the veto of the King in Catalonia
· He criticizes that Sánchez "agrees and gives in to the independentists and attacks the head of state." "Now more than ever we need a government that returns responsibility and institutional loyalty," he adds
· It regrets that the Executive is "busy in confronting the CCAA like Madrid", as well as in "confronting against the crown and in confronting against the Judicial Power"
· He demands that Sánchez and Illa "return to responsibility and consensus" and work in coordination with Isabel Díaz Ayuso "for the health of all Madrilenians"
· He assures that the Spaniards do not want a government installed "in self-aggrandizement, nor in propaganda and that it tries to overthrow our institutions and our constitutional scaffolding"
· He asks the Government to "fight against the coronavirus and not to fight to tear down what we have built together these 40 years of democracy"
· He demands that the Government "return to responsibility, respect and institutional loyalty", as well as reiterates the request for the dismissal of Garzón and the disapproval of Iglesias
· Remember that Spain is suffering "the greatest health, economic and institutional crisis in recent times, with 50,000 deaths" and indicates to the Executive that "the Spanish demand solutions from us"
· "The Government should be busy with the plans, projects and national reforms that the EU requires of us to obtain European aid" and recalls the importance of funds "for our tourism sector, for our self-employed and to re-create employment"

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