La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat

• Remember that “the coronavirus does not stop with alarmism or fear, but with intelligence, unity and much responsibility”

The PP Spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has defended today the need for more leadership and coordination in the EU to contain the expansion of the coronavirus, as Asian countries are already getting, and the need for community institutions, and also the Spanish government, to use all possible resources to alleviate the serious effects on the economy.

During the debate held today in the Plenary Session of the European Parliament on this matter, Montserrat has insisted that the first objective should be to “contain the spread of the virus to protect the population, as Asian countries are already achieving”, and that for this Efforts should focus on the protection of the most vulnerable population – such as the elderly, the sick, and the chronically ill – and also on the protection of health personnel and security services "because they have more risk potential."

In this regard, he has asked “to strengthen health systems with economic resources to guarantee the work and maintenance of their staff and emergency, emergency, and primary and home care services, and also to continue attending to other diseases "

We must also, "he added," launch centralized purchases of protective, diagnostic and treatment material ", as well as" offer clear and coordinated information so that citizens can be individually and safely responsible for their health and apply measures of prevention and containment ”.

Montserrat has also alluded to the serious effects of the virus on the economy and has demanded both the government of Spain and the Council of the EU, which meets this afternoon, and the European Commission to use “all available financial resources to mitigate the effects negative in the economy. "

PP shock plan

Also, the popular spokeswoman recalled that "to avoid an economic depression with devastating consequences for employment", the PP has presented "a plan of clash with economic measures and conciliation to help families, workers and the most affected, such as the services sector, tourism, hotel and industrial, self-employed and SMEs ”.

Although finally the European Parliament will not vote in today's plenary on a resolution on the coronavirus, the PP will promote the inclusion in the text, for future approval, a series of measures to alleviate and compensate for the serious consequences that the expansion of the coronavirus is having in the European economy, and in particular in employment and in key sectors such as tourism, transport or industry.

Thus, the PP will defend the European Commission to use all available financial resources to alleviate the effect of the coronavirus on the European economy, and to adapt the community competition policy to favor the granting of state aid to particularly disadvantaged sectors and companies.

Also, that the application of fiscal measures to stimulate the economy during the current year be considered, as well as the possible reduction of taxes to affected sectors and the application of specific measures such as the temporary elimination of tourist fees to travelers.

The PP will also defend the need to compensate for the decline in investments caused by the expansion of the virus, using the possibilities of the European Investment Bank, as well as the European Central Bank (ECB), which can grant medium-term loans under preferential conditions to SMEs and take the necessary measures to increase liquidity.

"The coronavirus does not stop with alarmism or fear but with intelligence and a lot of responsibility," summarized the popular spokeswoman.

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