The MEP highlights "the leadership and influence of the Spanish PP" when negotiating to get the presidency of the Petitions Committee

The head of list of the Spanish PP and MEP Dolors Montserrat She has been elected Chair of the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament.

Montserrat has been elected as president by acclamation of the 35 MEPs that will be part of this parliamentary commission, which today held its first meeting of the new European legislature and during which its four vice presidents have also been elected.

Dolors Montserrat said that "it is an honor and a great responsibility to lead this parliamentary committee, which is the gateway for European citizens to the European institutions, and therefore allows the EU to approach them."

"This commission is very important for Spanish citizens, given that 60% percent of the issues addressed here come from our country, because it is so important that a Spanish president," he added.

"My purpose at the head of this commission will be to ensure that European citizens are heard and to defend compliance with the rule of law of the member countries and therefore of the EU," he stressed.

The Petitions Committee is responsible for studying petitions presented by individual citizens or by associations established in the EU, and which refer to matters of public or private interest related to any of the European Union's (EU) fields of activity.

The Petitions Committee thus ensures compliance with the right of petition established in Article 227 of the EU Treaty.

The Spanish PP delegation gains weight in the European Parliament:

In addition to the Presidency of Petitions by the leader of the popular list, the Spanish PP has achieved the following responsibilities:

-The MEP Francisco Millán Mon will be the spokesperson of the PPE Group for fishing

-The MEP Leopoldo López will be the spokesperson of the EPP Group for matters related to Human Rights

-The MEP Juan Ignacio Zoido will be the deputy spokesperson of the EPP Group for agriculture and rural development issues

-The MEP Pablo Arias will be the deputy spokesperson of the PPE Group for internal market and Consumer protection issues

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