Dolors Montserrat

He assures that "the Government has preferred to go on vacation and is wasting valuable time to implement the legal plan so that the CCAA adopt their measures with legal guarantees"

  • Faced with the disappearance of the Government, he affirms that the courts "are not endorsing those measures that are so necessary that the CCAA are taking"
  • It demands that the Government "come out of its burrow and lead jointly with the Autonomous Communities and the municipalities the prevention, promotion and protection of the health of the Spanish"
  • He assures that "we Spaniards are suffering from a disastrous government that has arrived late and badly to all decisions" and warns that "health, employment, the economy and the return to schools are at stake"
  • He affirms that the Executive "has lied to us again" in the absence of the drug to fight Covid-19 and recalls that on July 1, the Minister of Health himself "said we had enough stock"
  • It demands the Government "to comply with the agreement reached in the reconstruction commission in the Congress of Deputies" and considers it "intolerable" that the approved measures such as the creation of the National Public Health Agency have not been implemented
  • He regrets that the European Commission asked us yesterday to "take more measures" against outbreaks in Spain
  • Calls for a plan of reforms necessary for "our economy to grow again and generate employment." "Employment is the best social policy that we can leave to our children and to all of society" he adds
  • Remember that the PP has presented a plan "Let's activate Spain" with health, economic and legal measures to "protect citizens" from the coronavirus
For his part, the president of the PP Council of Mayors, Xavier García Albiol:
  • He points out that "all the political parties are telling him that the proposal to take the savings from the municipalities is not acceptable." "It can't be that everyone is wrong" he adds.
  • He demands an urgent meeting of the FEMP "to seek an alternative proposal" and recalls that the PP proposed that the consistories could allocate that money to social services
  • It asks the Government to "move the card" and not continue with its proposals to "requisition the money we have to respond to the neighbors in these difficult moments"
  • Calls for a legislative reform on the illegal occupation of houses. "It cannot be that in Spain occupying a home has a secure prize" and demands a reform that guarantees "eviction in 24 hours".

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