More than 1.3 million freelancers have been granted the extraordinary benefit

Of this total, only 3.1% have been denied and while the remaining 4.6% is pending. This benefit, which also involves the temporary exemption of Social Security contributions, was approved in the Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, after the declaration of the alarm status.

In absolute terms, the sectors with the most beneficiaries of the benefit are commerce (328,767 accepted applications), hospitality (255,493) and construction (134,383). While the autonomous communities with the largest number of recipients are Andalusia, Catalonia and Madrid.

Access to this benefit, the amount of which amounts to at least 661 euros per month, any self-employed worker registered in the corresponding regime who is affected by the closure of businesses due to the declaration of the state of alarm or whose billing falls in the month 75% compared to the monthly average of the previous semester. In the case of some groups such as the agrarian regime, the sea -with very seasonal activities- or culture and entertainment, the calculation period is adapted to the peculiarities of those sectors.

The coverage rate (beneficiaries of the benefit in the first week of May over the average number of members in February, before the impact of the coronavirus pandemic) is close to 40% of the self-employed. By sectors, it exceeds 70% in Food and beverage services, Other personal services, Accommodation services, Sports, recreational and entertainment activities and Gambling and betting.

Territorial distribution

By Autonomous Community, the highest coverage rate occurs in the Canary Islands, where it exceeds 45%, while they are followed, with coverage between 40% and 45%, Andalusia, Valencia, Asturias and Cantabria (see table below). By provinces, Granada and Cádiz have the highest rate.

Refund of fees

The General Treasury of Social Security has already returned the corresponding part of the March quotas of 272,749 self-employed workers who had then been granted the benefit. The amount of the refund amounts to 44.7 million euros. Refunds of the April prices will also be made in the coming weeks to those who were recognized after the recovery order was made.

On April 30, more than 1.1 million freelancers received the extraordinary benefit, for an amount of 641.2 million euros. Previously, on April 17, the first monthly payment had already been made, which involved an injection of 670.9 million euros. The aid seeks to protect the lack of income of the self-employed in this exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 and to contribute to the survival of their business.

To request this benefit, a process that must be carried out through the mutual collaborators of Social Security, there is no minimum contribution period required for others, it is only necessary to be registered in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA) and be up to date with the payment of social contributions. In addition, it is compatible with any other Social Security benefit that the applicant has been receiving and is compatible with the performance of the activity that was carried out.

In the following table, the extraordinary benefit for self-employed workers, by Autonomous Community and provinces:

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