More than 13,000 marijuana plants seized in various Civil Guard operations

The largest plantations have been found in Barcelona and Cádiz

There are a total of 25 detainees who are charged with crimes against public health, membership of a criminal organization and fraud of electricity.

One of the discovered plantations had a sophisticated home automation system to attend to it from the mobile phone and not endanger it due to mobility limitations.

The Civil Guard has detained 25 people in different operations against the cultivation of marijuana, exploited in the provinces of Barcelona, ​​Cádiz, Alicante, Córdoba, Las Palmas, Ávila and Huelva.

In total, the Civil Guard has found 13,404 marijuana plants distributed in six indoor plantations in these provinces.

The owners of these greenhouses are charged with crimes against public health, membership of a criminal organization and fraud of electricity.

More than half in Barcelona and Cádiz

The most relevant seizure of the total of these anti-drug operations has taken place in Granollers (Barcelona). There, the Civil Guard has found 5,893 marijuana plants in an industrial area of ​​the town.
Spread over four industrial warehouses, these plantations had an advanced home automation system that allowed remote care of crops, via mobile phone. In this way, the five detainees in this province did not jeopardize production due to the mobility limitations decreed with the state of alarm.
The second largest seizure of marijuana from this set of operations of the Civil Guard has taken place in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). In this case, the 4,200 cannabis plants were hidden in a livestock farm in the town of Cádiz, where 10 people have been detained.
For the dismantling of the installation, the intervention of several technicians has been necessary due to the complex structure they had: air conditioning equipment, lighting systems, extractors, humidifiers and even four systems for mechanical extraction of the buds.

Guard dogs

In Hondón de los Frailes (Alicante), the Civil Guard has added another 140 marijuana plants to the seizures practiced. The facility had a video surveillance system with alarms and motion sensors. The only detainee completed the security of the illicit business with two dangerous dogs that guarded the estate.
In Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), there have been 739 marijuana plants found in one registry. The start of the investigation took place at a Civil Guard control to control the decreed mobility limits. Given the state of nervousness presented by the driver, the patrol checked the version with which he was trying to justify himself. Already at home, the Civil Guard detains the driver and another person, after confessing the facts.

Behind a bookshelf

The plantation that the Civil Guard has found in a house in the Sierra de Córdoba was hidden behind a shelf. The two owners – already detained – of this indoor cultivation had a total of 287 marijuana plants fed with electric power hooked illegally.
60 more cannabis plants found in El Tiemblo (Ávila) complete this total of seizures practiced by the Civil Guard. A couple with numerous police records has been arrested for these events.

Strong smell of marijuana

In the town of Villanueva de los Castillejos (Huelva), a patrol that provided citizen security services noticed a strong smell of marijuana that came from inside a farm. Once at the main door, which was open, the agents observed an old building where there were a large number of marijuana buds. Once the agents began the inspection, they found a plantation of 2,075 marijuana plants, distributed in six greenhouses, all of them in different stages of production, with the three people in charge of cultivating and guarding the drug being detained.


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