More than 14,000 counterfeit luxury brand items seized

The investigation of 5 people has been preceded and 6 searches have been made, finding in one of them a clandestine workshop where plates were seized to screen-print clothes and logos of prestigious brands

The operation has had the collaboration of the United States Agencies HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) and CBP (Us. Customs and Border Protection), as well as Labor and Social Security Inspectors and Inspectors of the Catalan Consumer Agency

In several stores, hidden warehouses were found where goods not yet exposed were kept for sale.

In the framework of the Frontcopy operation carried out by the Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, 14,003 counterfeit luxury brand items have been intervened in six inspections carried out in different commercial premises in the district of dels Limits (La Jonquera).
The operation began as a result of the complaints filed by experts of different prestigious commercial brands in which the existence of several commercial premises located in the hamlet of dels Limits (La Jonquera) that would have different items on display for sale was made known. counterfeit of the complainant brands.
The agents began an investigation in order to verify the veracity of what was denounced, being able to verify that in various commercial premises supposedly counterfeit articles of relevant and prestigious brands such as bags, sneakers, sweatshirts, watches, T-shirts, etc. were exposed for sale.
For this reason, inspections were carried out in six denounced premises where the agents discovered various warehouses located inside the premises where counterfeit goods were hidden not yet exposed for sale, locating in one of them a clandestine workshop located in the back where brand logos were illegally affixed to counterfeit items.
Among the intervened items are bags, polo shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers, watches, etc., of relevant brands such as all valued at 4,117,122 euros.
It should be noted that counterfeits annually cause a significant cost in losses to the trademarks that are the object of said counterfeits and that it entails a decrease in income to them and to the public finances.
Members of the United States Agencies HSI (Homeland Security Investigations) and CBP (Us. Customs and Border Protection) have participated in the operation, Labor and Social Security Inspectors, Inspectors of the Catalan Consumer Agency, as well as experts from the complainant brands that they supported to certify the falsity of the intervened articles.


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