• 61.45% of the companies that accept standard statutes have been established in less than 5 days

The Entrepreneur Service Points (PAE), the one-stop-shop network created by the Entrepreneurs Support Law, closed 2017 with a processing record after reaching 34,587 created companies, 4% more than in 2016. More than 60 % of limited companies constituted through standard statutes by the PAE network have done so in less than 5 days, and more than 76% of freelancers have done so in less than 24 hours.

Regarding the cessation of activity, 5,055 have been processed between companies and freelancers. Cessation times have also been agile: more than 57% of the self-employed and 44.44% of the companies withdrew in less than 1 day.

On the other hand, the processing through the electronic PAE has also experienced a growth up to 680 companies, that is, 1.78% of all the files.

PAE network

The network of Points of Attention to the Entrepreneur closed 2017 with 3,575 single windows, 20% of them public. These offices facilitate the creation of new companies or carry out the procedures for the cessation of activity, through information services, processing of documentation, advice, training and support for business financing. From this network you can carry out all the procedures to create a company through a single form and with a single electronic procedure, without having to travel to any other agency.

For more information: www.pae.es

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