The National Commission of the V Centennial of the first round the world, chaired by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Javier García Fernández, met for the first time in San Sebastian, to present the new projects attached to the official program of events and International Strategy to commemorate the feat, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation.

As explained by the General Sub-Director of Cooperation and International Promotion of Culture of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Camilo Vázquez Bello, "the approach is to hold a celebration, a commemoration of a historical event that has had an impact on a global level. This celebration has its manifestation in the greatest number of sectors and cultural, artistic, nautical, sports areas, so that everyone feels part of a historic event that marked the first round the world, which may be the first example of globalization of world history. "

52 new projects and a complete International Strategy

The commemoration of the V Centenario has an open and dynamic program of activities in which there are already more than 200 activities registered among exhibitions, music, theater, sports and cinema, and to which 52 new projects are now added.

Among the new additions are the Madrid Royal Botanical Garden project that will identify and analyze animal and plant species found by the navigators on their trip, which will include conferences and publications during the next three years, thus expanding the scientific dimension of this celebration ; the proposals of Elkano Fundazioa that include a congress on Juan Sebastián Elcano, a summer course and the collaboration with National Geographic that will publish in different issues articles and monographs on circumnavigation and Elcano; the exhibition dedicated to the Basque contribution to the first round the world organized by the Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa in the Maritime Museum of San Sebastián; and the issuance, in collaboration with the National Factory of Currency and Stamp, of a special commemorative coin of the V Centenary worth 2 euros that will be put into circulation in 2022, coinciding with the arrival of the expedition.

Regarding the International Strategy, it represents a model of inter-institutional work with the most representative organizations abroad. Its objective is to optimize the projection of the commemoration in collaboration with the countries of the route to spread a positive image of the current Spain and the Spain of that time, of its scientific, technical and cultural creation, privileging the dialogue with the cultures of the countries involved.

Coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation through the Embassies (cultural advisors, commercial offices, tourism offices, defense attachements, technical cooperation offices, information counselors, Cervantes Institute centers, among others), The international strategy establishes two geographical areas of interest. The first, the countries directly involved in the route of the first round the world: Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, the United States (island of Guam), the Philippines, Indonesia and Cape Verde; and other countries of priority interest (China, Japan, India, South Africa, Russia, Mexico).

A room dedicated to 'Juan Sebastián Elcano' in government offices

The day of the Commission started in the early morning with the opening of the room 'Juan Sebastián Elcano' in the Sub-delegation of the Government in Guipúzcoa, a multidisciplinary space and open to citizens to hold lectures and courses of historical character and cultural.

After finishing the meeting of the Commission, the delegation has moved to the shipyards of Pasaia to see the construction of a replica of the Nao San Juan (Albaola) and, subsequently, have visited the Maritime Museum of San Sebastian.

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