More than 60 companies from different sectors and regions of Cantabria have participated in the Doctor Velasco de Laredo Cultural Center in the Conference on Proposal to Seasonally adjust the Tourist Offer organized by CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria. The event has revolved around the conference of the Professor of Marketing and Market Research at the University of Cantabria (UC), Ángel Herrero, who said that “there are no magic solutions to seasonally adjusted, but it can be managed to improve the situation current".

Herrero has presented a comparison of the situations of the Cantabrian, Galician and Asturian Communities and explained that although in Galicia the average number of tourists per inhabitant is lower than the data in Cantabria, its seasonality is less pronounced.

Herrero has recommended that companies in the sector "be proactive, segment the target audience and analyze the characteristics of the demand they receive."

The Minister of Tourism, Marina Lombó, said that “Cantabria has a lot of raw material to continue advancing in the seasonally adjusted tourism,” and has assured that the challenge of extending the season requires “a lot of work and collaboration among all the agents of the sector ”, referring to the sum of efforts of regional, local and regional administrations and the private sector.

Lombó has stated that his department is working on different strategic lines that seek to attract more travelers out of season and boost getaway and weekend tourism "to keep the activity throughout the year."

The CEO of CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria has highlighted the organization's willingness to promote the measures that companies demand and to serve as a bridge between them and the administrations in their work of representativeness of the business. Enrique Conde explained that the act is part of the activities that the organization develops to decentralize its activity.

In the act Entrepreneurs from agri-food companies have participated in parallel activities related to agrotourism, wine tourism and rural tourism, such as Canned Codesa, Vidular Wineries and Cheese Factory.

José María Alonso de Quesoba has explained that gastronomic tourism is an opportunity to value the dairy sector by copying success models in other communities. He also explained that his company is also advancing in the sustainability of production by allocating the waste generated by production to the breeding of Celtic pig, a species and an activity that in turn become an added tourist attraction.

For his part, Mikel Durán, of Vidular Wineries, explained the company's commitment to create packages with hotels to boost wine tourism, and said that "we are in a gourmet era and in Cantabria there is a large Producers Club".

Also involved were entrepreneurs Norberto Ortiz, president of CEAT Cantabria and Empresa Club, and José Ramón Sainz, manager of the RC Group, who said that "we must continue innovating."

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