More than a million masks intervened in the port of Almería

The seized merchandise was to be shipped on a ferry bound for Oran (Algeria)

To make inspection work more difficult, the cargo had been introduced without palletizing between legal cargo in the different semi-trailers

1,600 mobile phones, telephone accessories, clothing have also been seized, exceeding the value of what was apprehended 3,600,000 euros

There are 5 investigated who are charged with a crime of smuggling

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency have intervened 1,095,000 KN95-type masks, 1,600 mobile phones, telephone accessories and clothing intended to be shipped to Oran (Algeria) and are investigating five people for the crime of smuggling.

The agents in charge of the control of merchandise and vehicles in the port of Almería, located the seized merchandise in the bottom of four semi-trailers without palletizing in boxes of different sizes and mixed between legal cargo, to hinder the inspection action carried out in the PIF (Border Inspection Point).

The seized merchandise, whose value exceeds 3,600,000 euros, was not reflected in the documentation presented, and five people are investigated for the crime of smuggling after the study of said documentation.

Risk for the consumer

This type of practice, in addition to the damage in the field of industrial property and its economic impact, represents a risk for the final consumer due to the lack of quality and safety controls that guarantee both the manufacturing processes and the materials (textiles, chemicals, accessories …) Used for its preparation.

Joint working teams

The Civil Guard and the Tax Agency make up the Risk Analysis Unit with the main task of carrying out actions aimed at preventing theft, fraud and trade in counterfeit or undeclared items, as well as promoting information and training activities aimed at merchants and consumers on security in the commercial field, one of the objectives being that you learn to distinguish fraud and know how to act against them.

For more information you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard in Almería on the phones 950621956/680411337


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