More than a thousand words: with María Prado and Ana Bustelo

Today we bring you a new edition of # MásQueMilPalabrasCDN, the initiative that promotes collaboration between writing and illustration. The second tandem of this joint creativity is formed Maria Prado and Ana Bustelo. The playwright proposes the text Greyish white, in which Bustelo was inspired to make the illustration Siren.

Greyish white, by María Prado

You can download the PDF of the full text of María Prado HERE
If you prefer to listen to it, then you will find the podcast recited by María Prado herself.

Siren, by Ana Bustelo
You can download the PDF of Ana Bustelo's illustration HERE
Maria Prado She is a playwright, actress, and theater director. Bachelor of Textual Interpretation from RESAD. Master in Theory and Criticism of Culture and Master in Theater Creation from the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain) coordinated by Juan Mayorga. In February 2019, he writes and directs Impulses (bpm) within the "Writings on the Scene" program of the National Dramatic Center (Spain), published in October of that same year. This same year, it conducts workshops within program DbranchTOURgia coordinated by AECID and CDN at the Cultural Centers of Spain in Miami, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.
Ana Buste it She works as an illustrator, a profession that brings together two of her favorite activities: drawing and reading.
He currently enjoys a creation scholarship at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome, carrying out a project that investigates the structure of the altarpiece for adaptation to contemporary graphic narrative. In his drawings he recognizes the influence of Hollywood cinema in the 50s and 60s.

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