More than five and a half tons of packaged marijuana found in Almería

It is the largest cache of this drug that has been seized in a police operation in Spain

The drugs were in trucks hidden in an agricultural warehouse and they had planned to travel to the United Kingdom with the cargo

The Civil Guard has arrested eight people for crimes against public health and for belonging to a criminal organization

The Civil Guard has found 5,674 kilos of canned marijuana buds in a warehouse in La Mojonera (Almería). This is the largest cache of this drug seized so far in a police operation.

During the search of the agricultural warehouse from where they prepared the packages of buds, the members of the organization were caught red-handed loading the bags of marijuana into three trucks bound for the United Kingdom.

Operation Unplanned has resulted in the arrest of eight people who are accused of crimes against public health and belonging to a criminal organization.

This criminal organization, based in the provinces of Malaga and Almería, took advantage of the infrastructure of a legal hemp business to traffic this drug.

A total of 5,674 kilograms of marijuana have been intervened in the operation, which makes it the largest apprehension of buds of this packaged drug ever carried out in our country, 6,775 euros in cash, two handguns, nine vehicles and machinery for vacuum packaging .

The operation has been carried out by members of the Malaga Civil Guard, OCON-SUR and CRAIN.

For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard Command of Malaga, on the phone 952 071 539.


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