The head of the list to the Congress of Deputies for the popular Cantabrians stresses that his party is committed to facilitating the generational change by implementing a more advantageous taxation

The number one candidate for the Congress of Deputies for the Popular Party of Cantabria, Diego Movellán, visited San Vicente de la Barquera today, where he highlighted the usefulness of the PP, both in Madrid and in Europe, for the fishing sector of Cantabria.

After holding a meeting with members of the Fishermen's Association, Movellán has indicated that his political training is the only one with a firm and authoritative voice, backed by the facts, to defend the rights of fishermen, a defense that they will continue to exercise in issues such as Brexit or the future distribution of quotas that, as he has indicated, can be so sensitive for the future of the Cantabrian fleet.

The PP candidate has pledged that a fishing port par excellence, such as that of San Vicente, can on the one hand increase their chances of capture and increase, on the other, their expectations for the future.

In this regard, he has indicated that for this, the PP undertakes to provide facilities for the generational change, implementing a more advantageous taxation that allows the young people of San Vicente de la Barquera to make fishing their livelihood, thus increasing the number of boats instead of being reduced.

According to the PP candidate, in the DNA of the Barquereños and also of the Cantabrians is to continue with an activity such as the fishery, and it cannot be that there are still so many administrative obstacles in regard to the generational relief.

Therefore, he stressed that the fiscal revolution that Pablo Casado poses will also positively affect the small sector, since the elimination of inheritance and donation tax, as well as the agility in administrative procedures, will make transmission much easier of the activity of parents to children.

Another of the commitments that Diego Movellán has referred to has been to promote the professional career, in order to continue to have employers and those who want to carve their future at sea do not have to be forced to sell the boats. In this regard, he regretted that in the small ports of Cantabria, boats have to be sold to other autonomous communities due to lack of training.

The PP candidate to Congress has also referred to the necessary defense of the historic rights of the people of Barquereños to fish in inland waters near Asturias, in the face of the attitude of a regional government that, as he added, has abandoned them and has not defended their interests for lack of political will.


Prior to the meeting held with representatives of the Fishermen's Association, Diego Movellán has made a visit to the SonRíoNansa fish farm, where the candidate for the Congress has been able to know first hand the existing problem and has highlighted the illusion for the existence of a future for the factory that has considered very positive for the whole region.

In addition to the visit to SonRíoNansa and the meeting with representatives of the Fishermen's Association, Diego Movellán has also held a meeting with members of the San Vicente hospitality sector.

During the visit to San Vicente de la Barquera, Diego Movellán has been accompanied by the candidate for Congress, Elena Castillo, and the spokesman for the PP in the City Hall, Julián Vélez, who has indicated that the municipality has an enormously attractive location, but also a series of structural problems that must be addressed in the immediate future with a clear script of what you want to do.

In this regard, Julián Vélez added that it was very important that people who will have decisive positions in national politics visit the town and know their needs first hand, transferring the ideas of professionals to people who are going to do everything possible for defending our sectors.

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