Mutual officers who are in Temporary Disability prior to the validity of the state of alarm and start the 4th month of leave during this period have to apply to MUFACE for the subsidy, since they no longer receive full compensation for part of its corresponding personnel body after three months have elapsed.

In the current exceptional situation, neither the doctors, nor the MUFACE offices, nor the staff organs of the work centers provide services as normal.

Therefore, and to avoid possible financial damages to the members who have a long-term withdrawal, it is proposed to continue the payment by the staff, as if the 4th month of withdrawal had not been reached.

When the validity of the state of alarm ends, the subsidy will be recognized by MUFACE (upon request by the mutual organization and documentary processing of the personnel organs) and the Mutual Society will compensate the personnel organs with the amounts corresponding to the subsidy from the 91st day of cancellation, by depositing said amounts in the Treasury or in the cashier of the paying entity.

In order to make this measure possible, a system of licensing and payment of remuneration is proposed to MUFACE and MUGEJU mutualists in a situation of temporary disability that will remain in force exclusively during the validity of the state of alarm.

In the same way, flexibility is proposed so that the personnel organs can issue licenses for temporary disability, without having the medical part discharged in time, both for processes that start under the declaration of the state of alarm, as well as for those processes that they were started earlier but do not last 91 days.

In short, the Government has approved today in the Council of Ministers these temporary rules of action aimed at the personnel organs, to cover the processing and payment of situations of temporary disability during the validity of the state of alarm.

Temporary rules so that the mutualists of the General Mutual Society of Civil Officials of the State and of the General Judicial Mutual Society who, in this period, begin or continue in a situation of temporary disability, continue to receive their remuneration and thus avoid possible economic damages to the officials who could be affected.

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