August 10, 2020.- The VOX National Deputy, Carlos Zambrano, and the VOX Parliamentarian, Ángela Mulas, both from the province of Cádiz, have held a meeting with some businessmen from the children's leisure sector in the province of Cádiz to collect their claims regarding the situation current.

At the meeting, the businessmen explained to the Deputies the situation of uncertainty that they are currently experiencing before the Order of the Ministry of Health and Families published in the BOJA of June 16, 2020, where it leaves the carrying out of your activity. The businessmen stated that the hygienic-sanitary and prevention measures to be adopted in children's leisure centers already in Andalusia must be defined, to guarantee the health and well-being of clients and workers, and thus recover the economic health of the sector.

With the security measures that the Association of Leisure Centers of Andalusia proposes, it is guaranteed that clients and workers can go to the Leisure Center with complete peace of mind.

"No one has included or excluded this sector from any Order, and the uncertainty of knowing whether or not they can carry out their activities has them still unemployed without the possibility of doing their work again", Zambrano explained.

According to the National Deputy “Once again we see self-employed entrepreneurs and SMEs with mortgages, with business expenses, family responsibilities, etc., and who cannot carry out their activities due to the current pandemic situation; but, nevertheless, no one protects them or compensates for their losses in any way. Administrations pass the problem on to each other ", has regretted.

For her part, the Andalusian Parliamentarian, Angela Mulas, has assured that she will take steps with the corresponding Ministry to clarify the reasons why SMEs and freelancers dedicated to the children's leisure sector cannot carry out their activities normally. "They are willing to regulate the capacity, disinfection or any measure of use of their facilities. But no one, until now, has spoken; except the authorities and security forces, who have told him that they cannot carry out their own activity ", explained the parliamentarian. What's more, he argued "There is a comparative grievance with other regions, in which if they are allowed to open with more or less measures applied".

Therefore, he assured that "From the Ministry they should clarify to us the reason that they cannot carry out their activities, and that their situation be clarified by means of a specific Order that regulates the use of children's facilities of this type".

This sector, which includes SMEs and freelancers who develop their activities focused on entertainment for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years of age, although children under 3 and over 12, as well as adults, also participate in certain activities. . They are a very important part in the development and education of children, since they provide essential and necessary activities for their physical and emotional development.

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