May 12, 2020.- The Andalusian parliamentarian of VOX in Cádiz, Angela Mulas, recalled that 15 days ago the most important batch of masks that was withdrawn at the Andalusian level due to being defective was announced, which was joined by another small batch the following week.

The KN95 Mask masks of the Elite and Purgivor brands, and the Garry Galaxy, which did not meet the required specifications, were removed from medical units at the Puerta del Mar Hospital, the Puerto Real clinician, the Jerez hospital and the La Línea hospital .

"The hospitals in our province have suffered the most from political errors, so I think it is time for the Andalusian government to explain," said the parliamentarian. Mulas has appealed to the health counselor, Jesús Aguirre, for explanations of the number of toilets that have been infected in the province of Cádiz "because of the clumsiness of the Andalusian government when it comes to offering PPE to the healthcare providers of our Province".

In the same way, he asked Aguirre "that if these masks were from the Ministry of Health, say loud and clear that the government of Pedro Sánchez has supplied this material that is not suitable for health professionals, many of them workers in ICU units. And if the Andalusian government has offered or bought these masks, publicly apologize. "

For the Andalusian deputy "it is unfortunate that professionals assure us that management is resulting in chaos, that they receive material without verifying their functionality and that there are more and more professionals on leave."

For all these reasons, he asked the health adviser to shed light on what happened and explained "how many KN95 Mask masks from the Elite and Purgivor brands have been removed, what are the reasons, if they have been effectively removed by order from the Ministry of Health, which entity or body acquired such masks and whether any quality control was carried out before distributing the masks among health personnel. Also, explain how many members of the health personnel of the province of Cádiz have been infected by COVID-19 who have used any of the removed masks, "the parliamentarian finished.

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