Cádiz, August 26, 2020. – The deputy of the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Parliament of Andalusia, Angela Mulas, has presented a Non-Law Proposal in which it requests the regional government to create shelters for respond to the notable increase in homelessness that has occurred in recent months in our autonomous community.

Mulas affirms that “one of the main objectives to be pursued by public administrations must be to combat social inequalities, which have worsened as a result of the health crisis ”, which is why he urges the Board to launch programs to care for these people, enable temporary stays where they can reside until their recovery, including the creation of public lockers so that the homeless can leave their belongings in storage. Also ask for a increased public collaboration with private entities that offer social services and assistance to vulnerable groups.

The Andalusian parliamentarian has prepared this document after exchanging views with volunteers from Cáritas and the Campo de Gibraltar Food Bank who have transferred you very alarming data on the increase in families in emergency situations in this Cadiz region.

Accompanied by the municipal spokesperson for VOX in the Algeciras Town Hall, Antonio Gallardo, Mulas has visited the facilities of the Father Cruceyra Dining Room, managed by Cáritas, where he has been able to see, first-hand, the important work carried out by volunteers in caring for the homeless and families without resources.

Currently, this entity from Algeciras delivers daily more than 140 bags of homemade food, prepared every morning by the volunteers, as well as financial aid for medicines or butane bottles and advice when filling in documents such as applications for the Minimum Vital Income.

Caritas volunteers have explained to Ángela Mulas that the number of families in an emergency situation has increased by some 200 more in Algeciras and up to 300 more in La Línea since last April.

Mules qualifies as "unsustainable" the serious situation of poverty in which an important part of the Campo-Gibraltarian population has been seen as a consequence of Covid-19. “We are talking about families with very little saving capacity, such as those who are engaged in street vending in markets, which now they can't even access those few resources they had because of the health crisis, ”he explains.

In the same way, the regional deputy and the municipal spokesperson of VOX in Algeciras, have traveled to the warehouse of the Campo de Gibraltar Food Bank, from where basic food products are distributed to the different associations of the region who, in turn, are in charge of distributing them among the families that request it.

The heads of the canteen and the Food Bank have conveyed to the VOX representatives the need for a greater collaboration, by public administrations, in order to face the important management and maintenance expenses involved in both facilities, hence the deputy of the VOX Parliamentary Group has presented the Proposal not of Law in the Parliament of Andalusia.

Both Mulas and Gallardo have expressed the volunteers of both entities your sincere thanks for dedicating your time and effort to helping those who need it most in these difficult times.

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