• The minister is committed to making economic stability and the social agenda compatible

The Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, affirmed this Wednesday in the act of inauguration of the high positions of the ministry that the Government wants to make compatible the commitments of economic and financial stability with the social agenda that Spain so much needs. “We want a robust economy, but that is fair to citizens,” said Calviño, while highlighting the importance of the Government Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs and asking ministry workers for their collaboration “to improve that doesn't work and to take advantage of all the ideas that can help us achieve a more modern and more inclusive country. ”

On the other hand, after promising the position, the Secretary of State for Economy and Business Support, Ana de la Cueva, and the Secretary of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda, Francisco Polo, have intervened in the act . De la Cueva has marked as a priority "to enhance the presence of Spain in Europe and in international financial institutions", while Francisco Polo has defended that Spain is an entrepreneurial nation and has claimed that "talent is a priority and is the center of our economy thanks to the digital transformation ”.

In addition to the Secretaries of State, Amparo López has taken possession, as Undersecretary of Economy and Business; Carlos San Basilio, as general secretary of the Treasury and International Financing; Carmen Balsa, as director of the Cabinet of the Minister of Economy and Business; Elena Aparici, as general director of the Treasury and Financial Policy; Luis Martí, as general director of Economic Policy; Roberto Sánchez, as general director of Telecommunications and Information Technologies; and José Carlos García de Quevedo, as president of the Official Credit Institute (ICO).

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