These awards, to which 79 candidates have chosen -46 companies and 33 professionals-, are granted by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and have been ruled out by their respective jurors, composed of leading professionals in these fields.

They aim to distinguish those people and entities that have made innovation an indispensable element in the development of their professional strategy and business growth. Likewise, it is about rewarding professionals and companies that have contributed significantly to the increase in the prestige of Spanish design and the entities that, incorporating it into their business strategy, have shown that design is a powerful lever of innovation and competitiveness.

The awards are strictly honorary, except for the National Innovation Award for Small and Medium Businesses, with an economic endowment of 30,000 euros, the National Design Award for Professionals, endowed with 30,000 euros, and the National Design Award for Young Designers modality, with an endowment of 15,000 euros.

The jury's decision was as follows:

  • National Innovation Award, Innovative Trajectory modality, for entrepreneurs and businesswomen and professionals with a career of at least ten years, in which innovation has been one of the relevant characteristics, to Ignacio Sánchez Galán "for his leadership capacity in the transformation Innovative of companies from various technological sectors. The jury especially values ​​its ability to lead the energy transition in Spain, being a pioneer in the implementation of renewable energies and knowing how to position the Spanish electricity industry among the most competitive and leading in the world. "
  • National Innovation Award, Large Company modality, for large companies with an innovative activity of at least ten years, to Porcelanosa Grupo AIE which, "born as a small family business in the ceramic sector, has become a business holding company with 1,000 own stores and about 50 logistics centers around the world The jury has especially valued its business model strongly committed to innovation in technology, sustainability and environment, as well as its attention to the innovative and solid growth of its own companies and equipment and its capacity of generating disruptive changes. "
  • National Innovation Award, Small and Medium Business Mode, for small and medium enterprises with a proven innovative activity of at least five years, to Inmunotek SL, a leading company in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of products for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the field of allergy and immunology in human and veterinary pathology. The jury highlights "its strong economic commitment in R + D + i, constant and maintained over time, a technological surveillance system that allows it to capture strategic information of its environment and its rapid growth, which has allowed it and strengthen its competitiveness National and international". The jury has also decided to recognize with a Special Mention in Innovation in the Small and Medium Business modality to the University School of Innovation and New Technologies (ESNE): "In the trajectory of the ESNE its commitment to innovation training is manifestly of new professional profiles with the ability to adapt to the constant process of transformation of the Spanish productive fabric. The jury especially values ​​the innovative nature of its teaching activity, as well as the ESNE internationalization strategy. "
  • National Design Award, Professionals, to individuals or teams of professionals with a trajectory of at least ten years of recognized prestige in the sector, to Marisa Gallén Jaime "for her extensive, global and innovative career. The jury highlighted coherence from his professional career, from the foundation of La Nave, which was a revolution in the world of design, to his current work, very influential in the strategy of the company, demonstrating a great projective capacity. Strongly committed to sustainability since its inception, it emphasizes its ability to imbricate design and art in its projects. Its associative activity and its cultural implication, transmitting to society the values ​​of design, are a reference of commitment in the improvement of the quality of life. "
  • National Design Award, Companies modality, for consolidated entities that have incorporated the design into their business strategy for at least ten years, to POINT S.L., a family business created in 1920 with extensive experience and great knowledge of the furniture market. "The jury has valued its continuous and sustainable upward development, with a business strategy oriented towards internationalization, which has helped to spread and consolidate the design ecosystem and give it visibility. With a philosophy of responsible consumption and willingness to reduce the impact environmental, highlights its commitment to interconnect crafts and tradition with design and innovation, maintaining its loyalty to natural materials. "
  • National Design Award, Young Designers modality, aimed at creators with an age not exceeding thirty-five years and with a professional career of less than ten years, to Silvia Fernández Palomar. The jury has "valued, in a context of digital transformation of all industrial sectors, its contribution in the reconfiguration of large clients thanks to its contributions in the field of graphic interface, as well as its deep understanding of process design, strategic design and of services and research. The jury highlights its diversified trajectory and its courage when it comes to combining creativity and design demand. " Finally, the jury has recognized with a Special Mention in Design in the "Company" modality to Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores SA, "for being an excellent example of the key role of design in strategic positioning and in the international projection of Spanish companies in all the sectors, including those not traditionally linked to the design industry, without forgetting their actions in the field of social and environmental responsibility. "

The importance of Innovation and Design

The OECD Oslo Manual notes that "an innovation is the introduction of a new, or significantly improved, product (good or service); of a process, of a new marketing method or of a new optimized method, in practice internal to the company, the organization of the workplace or external relations. ”Together with research and development, innovation plays a key role in economic and social development and has placed itself at the center of public policies, such as bridge between long-term knowledge and productive action in the market.

Design has been and is a source of wealth in Spain. But not only can this activity be understood through its cultural and artistic side, but also as it constitutes a present and necessary element in a good part of the daily reality of citizens and businesses. The user-centered design is a source of general improvement in the quality of life of citizens, as well as business efficiency. To a greater or lesser extent, design is always present in the production process, especially in the innovative business activity.

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