One hundred detainees and 10,338 denounced this Sunday by the National Police and Civil Guard for violating the confinement rules

Below is the transcript of their respective speeches at the press conference after the meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19 this Friday.

Deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner José Ángel González

"This Friday I start my intervention again with the memory of a new colleague who died from this pandemic. My condolences to his loved ones and of course, to his colleagues, his other family. This Thursday, after several days of Fight against this virus, Juan José Hernández García, 56, who was stationed in Madrid in the Canine Guide Unit, left us, and I also extend my condolences to all those who have lost a loved one during this pandemic.

Every day, taking advantage of the minutes of my intervention, I like to start by thanking the work of some group or institution that is supporting the health workers from their respective functions. This Friday my gratitude is for all the citizens who daily, in addition to respecting the measures of social distancing and confinement, showing a civic behavior worthy of praise, send their messages of encouragement, strength and recognition to the National Police in their networks social. My applause goes to all of you.

Detainees and acts

In the last 24 hours, the number of detainees has been 70. Since the Royal Decree came into force, they make a total of 2,891. Regarding the sanction proposals, in the last 24 hours 4,025 minutes have been processed, which means a total of 181,499 since the start of the Alarm State.


Regarding the closure of internal borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours 137 refusals of entry have been made, 17,512 vehicles have been controlled and two arrests have been made.

Social networks

We have been on social networks for more than ten years. Since the state of alarm was decreed, the agents who attend our official profiles have made an added effort to attend to and solve the problems and doubts raised by citizens, achieving that the rooms of 091 have not been saturated.

Agents of the social media group have attended tens of thousands of private messages from citizens, received mainly on Twitter and Facebook, which raised questions about details of the measures enacted, questions about what can and cannot be done, sometimes simply expressions of wishes and ventures, and countless messages of encouragement, photos and videos for our agents.

Continue to use our profiles, in them we will notify you of news of interest, of the scams that criminals try to commit, and do not doubt that all your queries, all your uncertainties, will be handled by a specialized agent who will answer your questions as much as possible. fast as possible.

We are aware of the responsibility of being the leading police force in social networks in the world, with nearly five million followers, and now we have launched a new channel on Telegram. We also want to be your Police in the virtual world.

Drug shipping

During these days of confinement, some criminals have struggled to put into practice various tricks to continue committing crimes. On previous occasions, we have informed them of the dismantling of tele-coca services that, presumably, were dedicated to delivering drugs to the home, pretending to be food distributors. To do this, they carried suitcases identical to those used by delivery companies, and which they used to hide the drug.

We have detected a variant in this type of drug trafficking. In two different interventions carried out in Valencia and Madrid, two youths who used delivery services as a means of trafficking have been arrested. In both cases, those arrested hired the companies to deliver packages to a third party, although the suspicions of the delivery men and their call to 091 of the National Police made it possible to frustrate the shipment of drugs.

Pharmacy booster

And finally, the National Police has intensified the different devices established to prevent theft of drugs from pharmacies. We have reinforced police prevention and investigation measures, especially within the framework of the Safe Trade Plan, and patrolling by citizen security units has been strengthened, especially opening and closing hours.

In addition, the Citizen Participation units have increased contacts with the sector, providing timely information and assistance on the security measures to adopt. I want to send a message of calm to all pharmacists and merchants and, at the same time, of gratitude for the essential work they are doing. "

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

"This Thursday, within the actions that the Civil Guard has been carrying out to face the crisis generated by COVID-19, almost 37,000 civil guards (36,719) returned to serve throughout Spain. Almost 18,000 (8,901 patrols) did so directly patrolling the streets of our towns and cities and the highways of our country and developing the following actions: 11,361 controls in public spaces, in which 132,565 people were identified and a total of 2,361 vehicles were intercepted.

As a result of these actions, 4,586 administrative complaints were processed, 3.4% of the total number of people identified, and a total of 22 arrests were made for crimes of disobedience and resistance that, added to those made during the entire state of alarm, they make a total of 892.

Likewise, the men and women of the Civil Guard have continued working to ensure the operation of essential services by carrying out multiple actions. Specifically:

  • In the province of Gijón, they have carried out more than 800 deliveries of food and medicine, both to people, especially the elderly, who live in isolated areas and in nursing homes. All this in collaboration also with hospitals, pharmacies and social services;
  • In three other provinces, Burgos, Navarra and Madrid, due to the contacts that are maintained with the educational centers, the Civil Guard has collaborated in the distribution of books and school materials so that students in Early Childhood and Primary education can continue with their training from their homes.

On the other hand, I want to highlight the protection of those most vulnerable groups, especially the elderly who live alone. In addition to assisting them with food or medicine, it is essential to maintain daily contact to be interested in their condition and needs. You, we, as family, friends and neighbors, on many occasions are the first sensors that can alert you to the existence of risk situations. Do not hesitate, therefore, to call us immediately. Speed ​​is crucial to better serve citizens and ensure their safety.

This has been the case of an older woman from a town in Alicante, where social services gave notice to the Civil Guard, when, when visiting her, she did not open the door. After contacting a locksmith, the agents managed to enter the house, finding this elderly person immobile in bed, which required the intervention of the medical services, which provided immediate assistance.

To conclude, I just want to remind you that, like every weekend, the Civil Guard will establish controls to verify that the prohibition on moving to second homes is respected.

Another day, the Spanish have returned to give an example of responsibility, civility, effort and, above all, solidarity, aware that there is one day less. "

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