National Police and Civil Guard appreciate the commitment of citizens in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Below is the transcript of the intervention of the spokesmen of both bodies at the press conference after the meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19 on Wednesday.

Deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner, José Ángel González:

Pool Moncloa / JM Square"First of all, I want to thank and all my affection to all the health workers who are currently confined passing this disease or in quarantine. You have been on the front line fighting the virus, you have risked the most precious of each of us Your own life, that's why society will always be indebted to you. As I said the other day, don't falter and keep going, we need you. The Police value the sacrifice and the titanic effort that all health professionals are developing day by day. .

1. Detainees and acts

In the last 24 hours, the number of people detained has been 83, an increase of 3.1 percent since the Royal Decree came into force and for a total of 2,737.

Regarding sanctions, 3,393 minutes have been processed in the last 24 hours, which represents a total of 173,068 since the beginning of the state of alarm, an increase of 2 percent over the total but a decrease of 14.2 percent. percent compared to the previous day.

2. Borders

Regarding the closure of internal borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours there have been 263 refusals of entry, 14,834 vehicles have been controlled and no arrests have been made.

3. Jihadist terrorism

Since this health crisis began, many of the National Police's human and material resources have been used to support measures to curb the pandemic. But we never rest, our work continues and we continue to fight with dedication and efficiency against different types of crime. On this occasion, we have arrested three people related to jihadist terrorism, detecting and neutralizing a person who was returning from conflict zones.

The operation took place in Almería, culminating in the arrest of one of the most wanted terrorist fighters in Europe, both for his criminal record in the ranks of DAESH and for his high dangerousness. This is a person who had spent several years in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone, with an extremely violent criminal profile, as has been shown in various publications that show images of his crimes in the conflict zone.

In the investigation by the General Information Police Station, which has had the collaboration of the National Intelligence Center and the Almería Police Station, two other people were arrested along with the terrorist. This important operation is a sign that, despite the health crisis, the National Police, the CNI and the judiciary continue to collaborate actively in the fight against terrorism.

4. Major Police Plan

Since the beginning of this health crisis, the National Police has been aware of the need to protect one of the most vulnerable groups, our elders. That is why we have increased all the actions related to the Major Plan, a program that the National Police has established to give them protection and security, without forgetting the great social support provided by anonymous volunteers and other entities, to them also show our gratitude for being there. .

6,765 contacts have been made with older people living alone, about 3,000 contacts with associations and institutions and we continuously distribute safety advice. Our Citizen Security units have developed more than 1,500 humanitarian and assistance services, caring for elderly people alone who had suffered accidents at home, or who were seriously ill and unable to communicate their situation to anyone.

It is essential that relatives, neighbors or friends of people who live alone maintain regular telephone contact with them. And if that contact is interrupted, if you don't hear from your close friend, if you suspect anything is wrong, contact 091. We are here to help and protect. "

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

José Manuel SantiagoPool Moncloa / JM SquareOne more day, the Civil Guard has continued to fulfill its general missions to face this crisis situation that we are all going through. During this Tuesday, a total of 39,458 civil guards returned to provide their services throughout Spain. Almost 19,000 men and women (9,485 patrols) did so by patrolling the streets of our towns and cities and our highways again to respond to the security, care and aid needs of citizens.

Among the activities aimed at monitoring compliance with the measures of the state of alarm, 11,911 controls were carried out in public spaces, in which 132,583 people were identified and a total of 2,532 vehicles were intercepted.

As a result of these actions, 5,260 administrative complaints were processed and a total of 24 individuals were arrested, for crimes of disobedience and resistance to law enforcement officers. An example of this is the arrest for the second time of a person in La Rioja after skipping confinement 16 times.

On the other hand, we continue to work to prevent and investigate any type of crime, including those that have to do with organized crime, such as the operations carried out this Tuesday by personnel from our headquarters in Algeciras and Cádiz, in which they have been arrested. twelve people and more than 3,000 kilograms of hashish have been seized, in addition to boats and vehicles.

But our meritorious character leads us daily to perform numerous aids and help the most vulnerable. I would like to highlight two that have taken place in the province of Palencia, carried out by the unit specialized in Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical matters of the command:

• It has provided training to personnel from nursing homes and senior centers on procedures and protocols for the prevention of infection and contagion of COVID-19,

• and has collaborated to deliver school supplies and textbooks corresponding to the third quarter of the course to pupils in infant and primary education who live in the most remote populations.

These kinds of initiatives are currently taking on special significance. For this reason, I want to end my speech by thanking all the people who, in a selfless and caring way, do what is in their hands, even more, to make life easier for others. One day left. "

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