One hundred detainees and 10,338 denounced this Sunday by the National Police and Civil Guard for violating the confinement rules

The spokespersons of both bodies reported this at the press conference after the meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee COVID-19 on Monday. Following is the transcript of their respective speeches:

Deputy operational director of the National Police, chief commissioner José Ángel González:

"I want to express my joy and satisfaction at returning to the front line, because nobody likes to get out of the way when there are problems and believes that they can contribute something to improve this difficult situation. I have passed the disease without any symptoms and this has allowed me continue working from home and certainly return when doctors have considered it.

So be my first words to wish everyone who is going through this hard time to recover very soon and send everyone, those who are suffering from the disease at home and especially those who are admitted to our hospitals a message of encouragement, trust and affection for all of them, are in the best hands.

I also want to congratulate again all the citizens of this country for the exercise of civility, responsibility and solidarity that they are carrying out despite how hard it is being after more than five weeks of confinement, but it is necessary to continue complying with the measures so that we overcome this situation.

Detainees and acts

In the last 24 hours, the number of people detained has been 80 which, added to the 2,505 detainees since the Royal Decree came into force, make a total of 2,585, which represents an increase of 3.19 percent.

Regarding sanctions, in the last 24 hours 4,334 minutes have been processed, which represents a total of 165,720 since the beginning of the State of Alarm, which represents an increase of 2.7 percent.


Regarding the closure of internal borders with France and Portugal, in the last 24 hours there have been 193 refusals to enter, 3,881 vehicles have been controlled and two arrests have been made.

Repatriation flights

Within the multiple actions that our agents continue to carry out both inside and outside our borders, the National Police continues to help a very important number of people who, due to the movement restriction measures required by the current health crisis, they had been trapped far from their usual places of residence.

The network of advisers and attachés of Interior, members of the National Police who exercise their function abroad and who act coordinated by the Division of International Cooperation, continue to facilitate the return to their homes of Spaniards living outside our country and, also , that of foreigners residing in Spain and returning to their places of origin.

As an example of this extraordinary work that we are developing, the National Police collaborated with the Peruvian authorities on two chartered flights last week and that they traveled from Lima to Madrid, enabling the repatriation of 528 people, the vast majority of whom were Spanish, who were in Peru. at the time of border closure. Later, a flight returned to the Peruvian capital with 30 citizens who wanted to return to their country of origin.

Likewise, the Government of Argentina collaborated on a flight that allowed 250 Spanish citizens from various Argentine cities to return to Spain. In the same vein, 275 people residing in our country have been repatriated on a plane from Venezuela.

Finally, I want to remember all those family and friends who have lost loved ones and not lived and enjoyed enough, and who reality has prevented in most cases, to fire them as they deserve. Convey encouragement and hope, and of course, all our love. "

Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, General José Manuel Santiago

"This Sunday, more than 21,500 civil guards provided all kinds of services throughout the national territory in order to monitor compliance with restrictive mobility measures and ensure the operation of essential services, also with the mission of protecting and assisting to citizens, especially to the most vulnerable groups.

In relation to the control of the restrictive measures of road mobility, the different units of the Civil Guard and the Traffic Association throughout the weekend have carried out more than 18,500 controls in which more than 205,000 have been controlled vehicles and more than 228,000 people have been identified. All this has led to the approximate formulation of 3,200 complaints.

Within the actions carried out to guarantee essential services, in general, contacts with the official colleges of pharmacists in the different provinces have been intensified, in order to reinforce the safety of pharmacies and care for their owners, whose Work is being crucial in the fight against this pandemic.

Regardless of the fact that the main effort of the Civil Guard is oriented to face the pandemic that affects us, it does not neglect other missions, such as guaranteeing the safety of all citizens. Proof of this is the device that, carried out by specialists from the body in the fight against drug trafficking, is carried out in the Andalusian coastal provinces within the framework of Operation Carteia, which has been in place for almost two years and that during its validity From the state of alarm, 52 actions have been carried out against criminal organizations dedicated to drug trafficking, in which a total of 121 people have been arrested, more than 10,000 kilos of hashish have been seized, ten boats have been seized, fifteen vehicle and a million euros in cash.

In addition, we continue to pay special attention to crimes associated with internet use that are detected daily by our cybercrime specialists. In Madrid, a person was arrested and computer equipment related to the alleged remission of videos of a sexual nature in which minors appeared was seized.

Young people and their families must be insisted on prudence and attention in the use of the internet, it is essential to put parental controls on the devices used by the youngest children, and in the case of adolescents and young people they must be very careful with the photographs they share or with the communications they establish with people they don't know.

I encourage everyone to continue patiently complying with the measures imposed in the state of alarm. And, finally, I want to share a message with all Spaniards: in my forty years of service in the fight against ETA; from the academy; in missions abroad such as El Salvador, Bosnia or Libya, and now in the fight against this pandemic, if I have learned anything it is that the first thing is the people, there are no ideologies, the first thing is the people and all of us who are here, with all of you, we are a team. Thank you".

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