National trademark applications totaled 50,686 in 2019

The Autonomous Communities that lead the presentation of applications for national brands are Madrid (11,838), Catalonia (8,305), Andalusia (7,186) and Comunidad Valenciana (5,193).

Regarding the applications of European Union trademarks by applicants of Spanish origin before the European Intellectual Property Office, (EUIPO), 10,705 were submitted. For the director of the SPTO, José Antonio Gil Celedonio, "the upward trend of recent years shows that Spanish companies seek both the protection of their brands in national territory and in the EU, which shows that both protection systems are known and integrated into business plans, according to their needs and characteristics. "


The national trade name applications in 2019 have been 11,616. Madrid (2,649) tops the ranking, followed by Andalusia (1,950), Catalonia (1,661) and Comunidad Valenciana (1,202).


The national patent applications in 2019 have been 1,356. Madrid (278), Cataluña (202), Andalucía (182) and Comunidad Valenciana (180), are the Autonomous Communities in which more applications have been submitted.

European patent applications of Spanish origin have been 1,251, and international patent applications under the treaty PCT 959. The evolution of the presentation of patent applications at European and international level expresses the commitment of Spanish applicants for the internationalization of their business activities. Overall, patent applications, both national, European or international of Spanish origin have increased in 2019 compared to 2018.

98% of European patent applications and 92% of international applications via PCT filed in the SPTO were made electronically. For Gil Celedonio, "thanks to the technical and dissemination efforts carried out by the Office, these percentages are increasing every year and are the reflection of our commitment to be a modern office, without paper and, therefore, with less ecological footprint ".

Utility model

The utility model requests have been 2,731. The Autonomous Communities with the most applications have been Catalonia (449) Valencian Community (421), Madrid (417) and Andalusia (369). For the third consecutive year, this protection formula grows, which, for Gil Celedonio, "demonstrates that the improvement in the conditions of utility models after the latest regulatory changes allows them to be configured as one more protection route, very solidly, and in many cases prior to the patent. "


The applications for national industrial design were 1,585. Madrid leads the relationship (332), ahead of Catalonia (273), Valencian Community (254) and Andalusia (186). Finally, design requests at EU level of Spanish origin amounted to 3,383.

These data are provisional until the Office receives the statistical data of Spanish origin from the Supranational Industrial Property Registry Offices. It will be then when the informative brochure "SPTO in figures" is prepared, as every year.

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