El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Pedro Navarro

• The spokesman for Science and Innovation of the Popular Group, Pedro Navarro, denounces that the minister Pedro Duque "has basically dedicated himself to making generic statements without little practical execution." “He is a member of the Executive, that means doing things, not tweeting. Honestly, I don't see him qualified for the position. ”

• He points out that on March 21, at the minister's first appearance during the state of alarm, he said that Spanish investigators began work on February 2. "If they started working on that date, why did they take a month and a half to take action and why did they allow thousands of people to go out on March 8," he asks.

• He asked the minister that "if he knew it and said nothing, or if the Prime Minister ignored him, say so, because one of the two is responsible for Spain not being prepared."

• "He is not part of the monitoring committee created from the first moment, he has not been in the hard core of decision-making and his appearances have only generated uncertainty, even for the children he taught to wear a mask," he reproaches. .

• Regarding the minister's successive and contradictory statements about the possibility of a vaccine, "how do you expect Spaniards to believe they are in good hands after saying the opposite and up to 5 times in two weeks?"

• He assures that "it is the scientists who accuse him of dedicating himself to tweeting instead of governing, those who do not understand why he has dedicated himself to telling what they did without doing more." • "You, Mr. Duque, have not been able to defend your own, to make the Government of which you are part of understand the importance of science in overcoming this health crisis."

• He denounces that the minister “asks for loyalty and collaboration and appears a month and a half after the request of the GPP, asks for dialogue and has taken advantage of the state of alarm to charge himself by decree of the Delegate Commission for Science”.

• Stresses that "science is the answer to this health crisis" but if the science minister "does not want to exercise his responsibility with all the consequences, if he is not able to defend science in the Council of Ministers, be consistent and give one step back".

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