The pandemic is shaming more than one. Both those who tore their clothes in defense of the working class and those who thought that, by announcing that they were going to lower taxes, everything was settled, have demonstrated their inability to face the problems that COVID-19 is generating in our country.

Before there was talk of the "Welfare State", now that we are immersed in the debate about the granting of third-generation rights, a simple shake has been enough to show that neither welfare nor consolidation, only the State and always the same.

When it is intended to measure that of well-being, it is usually used to measure more or less standardized variables depending on the case. Thus, the individual income level is an indicator and there are other factors such as the variables “life expectancy” or “educational level”. What happened to these indicators during 2020? What will happen in 2021? Well, look, in relation to the level of income, the fall experienced by the Spanish GDP has been one of the highest in the surrounding countries (18.5%), which highlights many things; among others, the inability to respond with short-term stimuli to shocks caused by both supply and demand.

If we analyze the life expectancy variable, we have one of the highest rates of deaths of the elderly as a result of the terrible and criminal management of residences by the sole vice-presidential command. Isn't that going to affect our life expectancy? But already, the last straw, goes through the situation of our educational system. Seventeen different models to ensure that our young people can live better than us. A shame to confirm that "the efforts" made in this regard do not go beyond mere occurrences. In short, less income, more deaths and a horizon of abhorred citizens.

In the past period 2014-2020, Spain was entitled to receive more than 56,000 million euros from the EU, of these, only about 19,000 million have been justified. They don't even know how to spend, milk. It is for this reason that it is more necessary than ever for those who are incapable of managing their own to stop managing others' and give way to a new way of understanding politics, subsidiary of the citizen and their entire service, with fewer mantras and Pánfilos slogans and with an eye on the fact that Spain is living better and better.

Because the future of Spain belongs to that vast majority of Spaniards who want to live together, in peace and freedom.

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