New Generations of the Popular Party today launched the “YoVoyXti” campaign, with the aim of providing young people to the volunteer lists of municipalities throughout Spain and thus helping to materialize the purchases and basic needs of older people and groups at health risk, avoiding that they have to do it themselves leaving their homes.

For this, New Generations will enable a Google Forms document ( where those members of the youth organization – more than 35,000 in all of Spain – can jointly sign up to collaborate through the municipalities that wish to do so.

This initiative will be promoted through the official profiles of the NNGG and the Popular Party, therefore, registration is open to all those volunteers who want to sign up through the form. The young policemen who participate in the campaign to include them in the register of volunteers.

The data will be sent from the national manager of the form to the provincial directorates of NNGG, which in turn will send them to the municipalities that are carrying out, or wish, solidarity activities of this type.


Likewise, from New Generations an explanatory video will be broadcast, internally, to all the volunteers who register in the form, on the procedure to follow to materialize these purchases and actions in conditions of maximum sanitary safety, prior compliance with the standards established by the volunteer services of the municipalities.

The president of the youth organization of the Popular Party, Diego Gago, has taken advantage of the presentation of this campaign to “call for compliance by the entire Spanish society of the sanitary norms and the requirements contained in the Royal Decree by which the state of alarm "and reminded the participants of this initiative" that it will not be an argument to leave home without ethical-legal coverage. "" We are facing the most severe pandemic we have experienced in democracy, "he stressed.

Lastly, the NNGG leader has shown his dismay at the exponential rise of those affected by COVID-19 and "the absolute solidarity of the youth organization with the families of the victims, and also with those patients who are currently in the UCIS of Spanish hospitals ”. "It is time to thank our elders for all they have done for us throughout their lives," he concluded.

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