The VOX Parliamentary Group continues to be aware of promote a sector as strategic as tourism in the midst of the health and economic crisis. The training has presented a long battery of proposals among which are tourism promotion plans, a National Plan of protocols with urgency in order to guarantee the image of Spain as a safe destination or the boost from previous tourism, among other initiatives.

On this occasion, the deputies in charge of the Tourism commission have presented several Non-Law Proposals after holding many meetings with those affected by the sector. First of all, from the training they bet on eestablish a unique classification system for hotels in Spain as well as the adhesion to the European system of HOTELSTARS UNION.

«There is no national classification system for hotels in Spain, due to the lack of homogeneity between the regulations of the different Autonomous Communities. Each Autonomous Government has its own legislation, applying a series of general technical requirements ", stated the spokesperson for the GPVOX in Tourism, Patricia Rueda, who emphasized the idea that Spain «It is not a tourist destination but 17 competing with each other in the absence of a single and homogeneous regulation ».

In addition, the training has presented a long battery of initiatives in support of Travel and Tourism Agencies, one of the sectors most affected in this crisis. “They publicize the destination and manage the flow of tourism. They are the compliers in front of the client, which has been an aggravating circumstance in recent months facing the massive travel cancellation"They have denounced, insisting that a firm answer to help cushion the negative impact of the crisis.

Along these lines, the GP VOX has also promoted a list of measures to reduce late payment of European tour operators with accommodation in Spain. "We must ask the National Commission of Markets and Competition for a report on the possible Abuses of dominant position of large operators as well as that the diplomatic actions with governments like the German be initiated so that it orders its operators to the immediate fulfillment of their financial commitments ”.

Promote sports tourism as a solution to avoid the crisis

Spain is one of the countries that more sporting events organized throughout the year. This has made it one of the preferred destinations for great sports lovers, and some companies have seen this unique opportunity to achieve increase your presence at sporting events through sponsorships. Multitude of localities host sports events that generate an economic impact in them on a large scale.

What does the training propose? To establish a set of measures assigned to this type of passenger car and intended for tour operators, travel agencies and all SMEs and the self-employed whose professional activity is directly related to tourism. In addition, they insist that it is necessary to allocate a part of the budget allocation to support SMEs or promote collaboration with large companies with aid such as tax breaks.

"We also believe that it is important develop communication campaigns in national media with the intention of promoting that once possible, sporting events be held within our borders. Spain has a large number of national sports centers in which to host these events. In this way, help the tourist destination that responds to the Spain brand, activating the economy of our nation ”, they have insisted since the formation.

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