The political and media establishment has put VOX followers and leaders in the spotlight.

«Anti-fascist alert». With these words today the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, encouraged protests against the acts of VOX after the electoral success of the party in Andalusia. The result was none other than dozens of attacks and attacks against leaders, militants and supporters of the formation chaired by Santiago Abascal.

Ultimately during the early hours of Monday, when a group of unknown people has burned the VOX spokesman's car at the Salt Town Hall (Girona), Sergi Fabri.

VOX leader in the European Parliament, Jorge Buxadé, has denounced the attack on social networks: “We demand that the police and municipal services investigate and proceed to the immediate arrest of the perpetrators; and ensure the life of our militants, ”he said.

«Our councilor performs an enormous work, determined in the defense of Spain and the rights of Spanish workers; in the face of separatism, the growing squat movement and the most violent Islamic fundamentalism, ”he has sentenced.

Own Sergi Fabri He explained that «tonight my car has been burned to stop defending the humble and hardworking people. I will not do it. I will continue on a war footing and now with more desire ». VOX has three councilors in the City Hall of Salt.

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