With the summer (astronomical) just around the corner, announce the news Planet Comic for July and August. Star Wars will shine with the regular series and an integral crossover compilation The Citadel of the Screams.

Different, an impressive choral initiative by the NGO Dibujos por sonrisas, will bring the light and color of authors such as Miguelanxo Prado, Pasqual Ferry, Rubén Pellejero, Jaime Martín, Toni Fejzula, Jordi Sempere, Sara Soler, Bea Tormo, Claudio Stassi … Thus, 140 artists will illustrate with their own personality the unique script of Israel l. Squire.

The USA comic will liven up the summer hours with two new headers Aftershock that give a twist to already told stories: Pestilence Y Unholy Grail. In addition, new chapters of Team Red, Paria, Snoopy, Conan or Transformers Marvel UK they will complete the sun reading offer.

Finally, Japan will dazzle with unique deliveries (Naruto the Last, The Hinamizawa Stop, Trip to Agharta), new series (Bloom into you, GITS Stand alone complex) and more volumes of the collections in progress (Dragon Ball, My Hero Academy, 20th Century Boys, The fist of the North Star, Dragon Quest).



• July news release: 2/7

• New releases in August: 9/7

Happy summer entrance!

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