No parliamentary group has wanted to support the institutional declaration presented by VOX on the occasion of the International Day Against Violence against Women.

The autonomic deputy of VOX Angels Servant has explained that he regrets "what no group has wanted to sign it and the reason is the progressive consensus in which they are all. Progressive consensus that makes us have to suffer all these laws of gender violence that they discriminate against men for the mere fact of being born a man and that only women have the presumption of innocence. Thing that goes against our constitution, article 14 that says that all men and women are equal in law ”.

From VOX we condemn any attack against this constitutional principle based on birth, sex, age, race or ideology. It should be remembered that the Gender Violence Law arose with the intention of create a war of the sexes in which the male is penalized and discriminated against, for the mere fact of being one.

For this reason, the VOX Parliamentary Group has presented an institutional declaration requesting that the plenary session of the Valencian Courts condemn any violent attack carried out against any person regardless of gender, age or ideology. That the collectivization and victimization of women be rejected, as well as the criminalization of man for the fact of being and Western culture based on equality is vindicated, compared to other cultures that treat women as inferior to men.

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