No positive for alcohol and drugs in the controls made to school transport drivers

During these five days of the campaign, it has been found that of the 3,360 vehicles controlled by traffic agents, 1,420 have been reported, especially for administrative irregularities.

It should be noted in this campaign, that no driver has tested positive for alcohol and drug preventive controls carried out by agents to school transport drivers. The speeding offenses have also decreased, with 2 drivers being reported, one less than the previous year, for driving at speeds higher than those established.

Regarding the use of the seat belt in those vehicles that have them incorporated, in the inspections carried out by the agents it was found that 16 vehicles that had these restraint systems had anomalies in their operation.

The most numerous

Administrative irregularities are those that have generated the largest number of complaints. For example, not having the special authorization to carry out school transportation has led to the complaint of 1,018 vehicles and 391 for not having unlimited liability insurance, as required by law.

The agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Association have also verified that 115 school transport vehicles had deficiencies in the service and emergency doors, as well as in their driving devices and another 12 were denounced for not having the Technical Inspection in order vehicular.

In addition, 140 controlled vehicles did not carry the corresponding V-10 school transport signal and another 33 lacked the light device with emergency signal.

Finally, as regards the excess of driving time or reduction of rest, 12 drivers were denounced for this reason and another 32 for not taking on board the coach a person responsible for the care of minors, when appropriate.

The concern of the DGT so that the transport of minors is carried out safely, leads the agents to permanently carry out controls on these types of vehicles.

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