The deputy of the GP VOX for Valencia has sent a message to EH Bildu as a result of his Proposition No of Law to repeal the labor reform. “Fermín, taxi driver. Angel, engineer. Maria, housewife. Manuel, waiter. Julian, mechanic. Agapito, hairdresser. Do you gentlemen from Bildu know who these people are? These are some examples of the more than 800 workers killed by the miserable cowards of the ETA terrorist gang, those scoundrels that you treat as heroes and call 'gudaris' when they get out of jail. has remembered.

“You have come to destroy our democracy, to carry out the merchant policy that you have criticized so much in the Basque Parliament, you criticized the exchange of votes for competences and now they change votes for the laundering of this government ", has added insisting on the origins of Eh Bildu.

"You are the heirs of the terrorist band ETA, And if anyone had any doubts, Mr. Sánchez dispelled them a few days ago in the Senate by giving them his condolences for the death of a member of the gang in prison, those who continue without condemning the violence, those who have convicted members of an armed gang on their lists and among their elected positions. Those who maintain the tributes to terrorists in the face of inaction and the approval of this Government ”, he said.

With respect to Proposition No. of Law Utrilla has stressed that “It only looks for inequality among the Spanish, the destruction of more business fabric and as a consequence higher unemployment in our country deepening in the greatest economic crisis that our country has experienced, increased by the disastrous management of this communist social government ”.

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