Reunión con portavoces y concejales de las localidades con hospital público de la región

The president of the Popular Party of Castilla-La Mancha, Paco Núñez, announced today that the PP-CLM will propose to Page a battery of measures to reverse the "alarming" situation that the regional public health is going through.

This has been assured by Núñez, in Toledo, where he has advanced that, together with the PP-CLM Health spokespersons, work is being done on a joint strategy to gather information on the problems of regional public health today and transfer it to the Government regional.

In this way, he has detailed that the PP-CLM will meet in the coming weeks with more health professionals from hospitals in the region, with patients and with Primary Care doctors to prepare a document with proposals so that they can immediately be put underway and provide a solution to the dire situation of the health of Castilla-La Mancha.

"We are going to compile a battery of proposals that will come from the hand of the health professionals themselves to deliver them to Page and be applied immediately," said Núñez.

In this regard, Núñez recalled that he has been requesting a meeting with Page to discuss the problem of the field for weeks, the return of the 135 million that the Government of Sanchez owes to our community, the new framework of regional financing, the reform of the Criminal Code , as well as to deal with positive proposals to reverse the dire situation facing health and improve health care.

For this reason, Núñez "hopes" that Page will soon put a date on that meeting and that the situation of the public health of Castilla-La Mancha also appear on the agenda.

The president of the PP-CLM has lamented that the health situation in our region remains “very worrying”, since Primary Care professionals continue to demand more time for patient care, pediatricians are lacking in health centers, lack health personnel in hospitals and also Page refuses to launch the Health Career.

Page refuses to recover the Health Career

In this way, Núñez has denounced that despite the numerous proposals of the PP-CLM in the Regional Courts, Page refuses to recover the Health Career, refuses to provide stability to the contracts, to guarantee the work viability of a Health professional condemning him to precarious contracts, and that is causing doctors in Castilla-La Mancha to flee to other destinations with better working conditions.

In addition, he recalled that the waiting lists published by the regional government are false and are made up, there are patients who have been waiting for a knee operation for more than two years and patients receiving chemotherapy on weekends in a hallway because the appropriate room It is closed due to lack of personnel.

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