Odriozola: "Madrid is the Everest of football"

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NEWS | 11/25/2019

The side was the protagonist of a new installment of the program ‘Field of stars’, of Realmadrid TV.

Álvaro Odriozola was protagonist in the new delivery of the program Star field, from Realmadrid TV. The side, who is celebrating his second season at the club, talked about what his signing meant for Real Madrid: “At first you don't believe it, it's like a shock. It is also a source of pride because Madrid is the Everest of football, it is the best team-club in the world and, of course, the most difficult is to reach. The day of the presentation, when you wear the white T-shirt and your whole family and everyone is watching you, it's a very special moment. ”

“What I feel when I step on the grass of Santiago Bernabeu It is an extra motivation. It imposes because more than a step it looks like a wall and when you look up you don't see the sky. Above all, it impresses because you think about the players who have gone through the Real Madrid and they have been the best in history and you say: ‘I am one of them’. And you go out to play with all the desire in the world. ”

Zidane and Casemiro

“Imagine the pride I feel that Zidane Be my coach As a player it was spectacular. TO Casemiro I see him as everyone's father in the locker room. It is the example that with work and sacrifice one can achieve absolutely everything. I have a great relationship with him. From the moment I arrived at the locker room he has always given me advice. ”

Offensive style

“My football is very intense, back and forth. I like to attack because I carry it innate. I did my entire career in the lower categories as an attacker, as a right half or right winger. Imanol Alguacil, the current coach of the Real Sociedad, put me on the right back in Sanse. I started to play well and it was seen that with the progression that I could have, it was more my position, more in line with my abilities ”.

The Bernabéu imposes because when you look up you don't see the sky.

“Little by little I am taking those defensive aspects that are very important for this position. At the level of intensity in which we play you have to know perfectly what the player you have to defend is like, know their strengths and weaknesses. ”


“I have spent all my childhood, all my life, dreaming through my hobbies, my tastes and, above all, through my great passion that is football. I dreamed of being a professional footballer, I dreamed of playing in the team of my city, my dearest Real Sociedad, and I dreamed of playing in the best club in the world. And all those dreams have come true, therefore, Álvaro Odriozola He is a dreamer. ”


“There is one that stands out above the rest and they are the horses. They have always been my passion, as a child my parents took my brother and me to the racecourse. I find many similarities between a racehorse and a football player. They are athletes like us and their level of dedication like ours is to give one hundred percent. I love the sacrifice they make and the nobility. It gives you absolutely everything it has and I think it is a characteristic of mine on the field. I give everything about the field. ”

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