07-08-2020 | Cs

Citizens and PSOE have agreed to meet in the coming days to address the issue of transfuguism

Citizens and the PSOE have agreed to meet in the coming days to address the issue of transfuguism, after the liberal formation asked for this meeting to end this scourge that corrupts the will of citizens expressed at the polls.

This meeting aims, among other objectives, to reach the necessary consensus to end this form of corruption that only seeks to market with the will of the citizens expressed at the ballot box through the back door, as well as for the parties to commit not to use this undemocratic circumstance for their own benefit, putting their own interest before the results of the polls.

We trust that the fact that the meeting will be held next week will facilitate the PP's attendance and that the popular people will attend the meeting in order to send a message of unity in the face of this form of corruption that, unfortunately, affects all parties with representation public. We are sure that it will be so.

We must be forceful against this scourge: the politician who wants to use the position that citizens have given him at the polls to alter the majority in an undemocratic way, must not find in the other allied parties that facilitate these corrupt practices, and in this way we must all contribute to eradicating transfuguism in our country.

Regardless of the agreements that are reached next week, the commitment to end this type of behavior that adulterates our representation system, must be fully in force and be assumed by the different formations, in such a way that we prevent from now on that changes to the front of the mayors take place by the action of a fugitive.

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