The National Police dismantle a network of narcos that transported hashish hidden in wooden structures

In an industrial building in Colmenar (Málaga)

The National Police dismantle a network of narcos that transported hashish hidden in wooden structures

§ The five members of the organization have been arrested, four of them inside the ship when they were hiding hashish in a wooden structure and the fifth in the vicinity of the premises

§ In addition to more than half a ton of hashish, agents have intervened 1,035 euros in cash and six telephone terminals

24-June-2019.- Agents of the National Police have seized 540 kilograms of hashish in an industrial building in Colmenar (Malaga) and have arrested five men – four of Spanish nationality and one native of the United Kingdom – between the ages of 29 and 64, for their presumed responsibility in the crimes of belonging to a criminal group and drug trafficking. At the time of the arrests, the people under investigation were preparing a drug possession hiding the narcotic drug in wooden structures. In addition to the seized drug – part of it was still in bales – the agents have intervened cash and several telephone terminals.

Hash on wooden blocks

The investigation began when the agents were aware of the existence of a network of narcos that used a warehouse in an industrial estate in the town of Colmenar in Malaga for the storage, preparation and concealment of narcotic substances, specifically hashish.

Despite the security measures adopted by the network, the efforts made by the researchers led them to discover that they intended to make an imminent shipment of hashish and whose final destination was Europe.

In the course of the operation, the investigators frustrated the operation after detecting several members of the organization on the ship in the Poligono Virgen de la Candelaria de Colmenar, packing the drug under vacuum and hiding it inside wooden structures. The narcotic, which had as its final destination Europe and whose initial disposition was in bales, after being vacuum-packed was hidden in the wood for later transport in a truck.

Finally, the operation has resulted in the dismantling of a network of narcos with the arrest of five of its members, the seizure of 540 kilos of hashish and the intervention of 1,035 euros and six telephone terminals.

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