Arrested in Burgos

The National Police detains a man who raped a young woman he cheated with a false offer of work

The arrested person published ads of false job offers from waitresses, receptionists or masseurs in well-known job search pages

When the candidates called to be interested in the job, a supposed secretariat, which turned out to be the detainee himself, asks them for photographs of themselves naked or with the least possible clothes

The young woman went to an interview for a job as a receptionist in a spa and, once in place, was raped by the detainee

9-July-2019.- Agents of the National Police have arrested a 45-year-old man in Burgos as the alleged perpetrator of the rape of a young woman with whom he contacted under the pretext of a false offer of work. The victim was sexually assaulted inside a spa where she thought she was going to work as a receptionist.

False job advertisements

Last April, the National Police learned of the existence of a man who used forums and well-known job search pages to publish advertisements of false job offers for waitresses, receptionists or masseurs. Almost all these ads contained an erotic component and offered a high salary.

When the candidates called to be interested in the position, a supposed secretariat, which turned out to be the detainee himself, asks them for WhatsApp photographs of themselves naked or with the least possible clothes. Later they made an appointment with the supposed boss so that they could meet each other and for him to see how they worked in the field of work they requested.

In that interview, the detainee, taking advantage of the superiority granted by the supposed boss who decides whether to hire the candidates, and taking advantage of the ignorance and youth of the victims, tried to obtain sexual favors from them, trying to carry out touching and sexual acts against his will. He also did it in a surprising way if they did not accede to his pretensions, even using force and intimidation if necessary.

He promised about 2,000 euros for the job

In the course of the investigation, and due to the mediatic echo that caused this matter, a young woman contacted the National Police to express her desire to file a complaint for a sexual assault that she suffered four years ago and whose aggressor would turn out to be the researched, who would have used the same modus operandi. The agents moved to the premises of the Provincial Police Station of Málaga to hear the victim of the events cited.

The complainant stated in her statement that she saw an advertisement on a website where a receptionist position was offered at a spa. When she tried to obtain more information about the position, a supposed employee contacted her and told her that the job consisted in receiving clients in an erotic spa and that, in addition, she could perform some erotic massages to certain clients without them could touch it For this service I would charge about 2,000 euros. She also indicated that if she was interested in the position, she should arrange an appointment with the boss so that she would know her and determine if she was suitable for the performance of the job.

The victim submitted to the aggression for fear of suffering something worse

Two days later, the victim appeared at a mouth of the Madrid Metro where he had stayed with the alleged boss. From there they went to an erotic spa and, once inside and taking advantage of the fact that there was no one else at that moment, he told him that he had to touch him to see how he developed in the environment, to which the victim refused. At that time it was when the individual proceeded to rape.

The victim stated in her statement that, in a state of panic and totally blocked, she submitted to the attack because of the fear that she could do something worse and that she was only capable of crying and wishing that it would end.

Since then, police investigators have done all kinds of work to locate more victims, although most of them have not filed a complaint for shame, fear or guilt.

Finally, and after several steps, the agents located him in the city of Burgos and arrested him as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against sexual indemnity, going to the Instruction Court of Guardia de Burgos.

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