You have entered provisional prison

The National Police arrested in Madrid one of the largest predators of women's privacy

The detainee practiced Upskirt – recording unauthorized videos under women's skirts and dresses – to later publish them on pornographic portals

Arrested in fraganti in the suburban area of ​​Madrid when recording women, placing a backpack on the ground that had a mobile phone strategically attached with the recording device activated He acted on a daily basis and compulsively -he got to record 29 victims in 5 days-, moving continuously through Madrid to record all the women he could in different environments such as the subway, suburban or supermarkets

The arrested published 283 videos in pornographic portals that add millions of views, 555 victims were identified, some of them minors

In the registry of his domicile the police intervened several electronic devices that contain dozens of gigabytes of videos, material pending analysis and study by specialized agents to specify the real scope of the investigation

August 21, 2019 National Police agents have arrested in Madrid an individual who allegedly recorded intimate parts of more than 500 women without their consent to subsequently publish them on pornographic pages. The arrested, one of the biggest predators of privacy according to investigators, used a backpack with a mobile phone attached to record the intimate parts of their victims below their skirts and dresses, publishing 283 videos on pornographic portals that add millions of views , 555 victims were identified, some of them minors. The alleged perpetrator acted compulsively, on a daily basis, and recording all the women he could, was arrested in fraganti while capturing images of a woman beneath her dress. In the registration of their domicile, the agents have intervened numerous graphic material still pending analysis and study by specialized agents to specify the real scope of the investigation.

Up Skirting: unauthorized videos recorded under skirts

The investigation began when agents located a Web portal dedicated to the publication of videos of explicit sexual and pornographic content with more than 20 million followers. The researchers observed that a profile of this page was publishing a multitude of videos, recorded in Madrid, in which you could see intimate areas of the body of hundreds of women. Specifically it was recordings made, possibly, with a hidden camera and without the knowledge or consent of the women who appeared in them. This modus operandi is known as Up Skirting and has already spread throughout Europe.

The agents found that, on occasion, in addition to recording images of whole body and intimate parts such as the buttocks and / or underwear, he also recorded the faces of the victims, with the added damage that entails.

From the analysis of the investigated profile, the agents determined that the first video of this type was published in July 2018, although it is unknown if he had previously performed the same activity somewhere else or using another pornographic content web page. They also observed that the detainee had been repeating and perfecting this modus operandi, uninterruptedly, since he created the profile until he was arrested. Currently, the aforementioned profile had 3,519 subscribers, 84,594 visits and a total of 1,367,999 views of its publications.

283 videos published in which 555 victims appear

Checked the facts, and after an exhaustive analysis of each of the publications, specialized agents have confirmed that the total number of videos uploaded by the alleged author to the website, through the profile investigated, amounts to 283. These videos appear 555 victims, all of them women, recorded in different environments such as the subway, the suburban train or supermarkets in Madrid.

With the progress of the investigation, the agents concluded that the detainee generally captured his victims in busy places such as the subway; then he followed them to the street, even entering with them in supermarkets or stores to get better shots of their intimate areas, which he recorded very closely.

After several steps, the researchers identified an individual as the alleged perpetrator of the events described, in the case of a 53-year-old Colombian man.

Arrested in fraganti in the subway while recording a woman under the dress

Verified the investigated facts, and confirmed the authorship by the investigated, the agents managed to locate him in the Madrid metro and arrested him in fraganti while recording a woman under his dress. At that time he was carrying a black backpack and, in one of the pockets, he was carrying a mobile phone, strategically placed, with the recording device activated to obtain illicit images.

After the registration of his home, the police intervened three hard drives and a laptop computer containing dozens of gigabytes of videos recorded to hundreds of victims. Although this material is being analyzed to determine the real scope of the investigation, the agents determined that the detainee recorded compulsively, almost daily, whenever he had the opportunity and to all the women he could. Agents have managed to identify 29 women who were recorded in just five days, some of them minors. The detainee was brought to justice who decreed his entry into provisional prison.

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